Absolute Love Publishing invites you to share the love

Posted on June 29, 2016


Do you have a positive message to share with the world? Absolute Love Publishing and its imprint Spirited Press are accepting book manuscript submissions.

Founder Caroline Shearer says, “Our logo is an infinity symbol joined by two hearts, to demonstrate our oneness and the love that always joins us.”

Absolute Love Pub logo

The editors are looking for fiction and nonfiction books that intrigue, inspire, and fit in with their mission to promote unconditional love. Genres may include mysteries; historical fiction; fantasy; humor; realistic fiction; science fiction; adventure; creative nonfiction; memoir; body, mind, and spirit; spiritual; inspirational; young adult and children’s books; and women’s studies.

Find out what specific editors are looking for at What’s Our Book Wishlist?

First, become familiar with the books they publish and decide if your book fits into their program.

Then query. Fiction authors should send a 15-page excerpt from a completed manuscript. Nonfiction authors should send the first three chapters and include an outline of the entire manuscript.

For more information go to Absolute Love Publishing Book Submission Guidelines.

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