Review: Horses and Ponies

Posted on July 21, 2016


Horses Ponies coverHorses and Ponies: Facts, Information and Beautiful Pictures about Horses and Ponies
By François Bissonnette
CreateSpace Independent Publishing
March 2016
66 pages

Do you know the difference between a horse and a pony? In François Bissonnette’s Horses and Ponies you will learn that and many more fascinating fun facts illustrated with dozens of color portrait photographs of gorgeous horses and ponies. The book is narrated by a handsome bay horse named Passion who takes readers on a guided tour of the Equidae family. From the food they eat, to how fast they can run, to how little they sleep, there is much to learn. But it’s the exceptional color photos that bring out the personalities of these big friendly giants. As a bonus feature readers can access a free videobook so they can read along as Passion narrates. The book and videobook combined provide an especially engaging introduction to the wonderful world of Horses and Ponies.

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