Review: The Wizard’s Dog

Posted on December 7, 2016



The Wizard’s Dog
Written by Eric Kahn Gale
Illustrated by Dave Phillips
Crown Books for Young Readers
January 2017
288 pages

Nosewise is Merlin’s devoted canine companion with a case of separation anxiety. Though he is the wizard’s dog, it’s the apprentice Morgana who introduces him to magic. Quite by accident they discover that contact with the Asteria stone gives Nosewise the ability to talk. He and Morgana are eager to learn what other special powers the stone will unlock. But magic lessons are abruptly halted when Oberon (Summer Court fae prince) and his soldiers set fire to the house and steal away with Merlin and Morgana. Nosewise barely escapes alive and with his separation anxiety such as it is, he has no choice but to hunt down his master and teacher in the Otherworld. Luckily he still has his magic stone around his neck. Along the way he meets up with young Arthur, a castle “poop boy,” who finds the company of a talking dog much more fascinating than humans and joins him on his quest. Alas, it is sweet young Guinevere, daughter of tavern keeper Leodegrance, who shows them the way to the frozen reaches of Avalon where a boy and his dog must do battle with human minions, gluttonous magic-eating worms and the sorcery of Oberon in order to rescue the wizard and the apprentice. Gale’s use of first person narrative for Nosewise endears readers to this clever, energetic wizard dog from the start. Action and adventure abound with enough dashes of humor and flashes of wizardry to keep readers turning the pages. The Wizard’s Dog is a magical dog story.

Copyright (c) 2016 by Peggy Tibbetts

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