Review — Jabber: The Steller’s Jay

Posted on March 28, 2017


Jabber: The Steller’s Jay
Written by Sylvester Allred
Illustrated by Diane Iverson
WestWinds Press
April 2017
32 pages

In the spring, two Steller’s jays build a nest with twigs and mud high in the ponderosa pine tree. Jabber is one of the baby birds that hatch from four bright blue eggs. As soon as she can fly, Jabber is on her own to fend for herself. She learns survival skills from watching other wildlife in the canyon. The red-tailed hawk alerts her that a storm is coming. The woodpecker shows her how to crack acorns. Then she learns to flee before he catches her stealing his stash. The thievish chipmunks and squirrels teach her to bury her seeds and acorns for safekeeping. The mountain lion reminds her to stay high up in the trees. When winter blows in and the pine seeds and acorns run out, Jabber rejoins the flock of Steller’s jays. They show her where to find plenty of seeds in the pinyon forest. Soon it will be spring and Jabber’s turn to find a mate and build a nest. By tracking Jabber through four seasons Allred shows the habits and habitat of the Steller’s jays. Iverson’s colored pencil illustrations bring the vibrant canyon country to life in all its splendor. A picture glossary identifies each of the canyon critters Jabber encounters in the ponderosa pine forest. Jabber: The Steller’s Jay is a brilliant introduction to this sapphire star of the southwest.

Copyright (c) 2017 by Peggy Tibbetts

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