Kensington considers unagented submissions

Posted on July 20, 2017


Established in 1974, Kensington Publishing is a leading independent publishing house in the United States. They publish over 500 books annually in both fiction and non-fiction.

Kensington has several diverse imprints including Kensington, Citadel Press, Dafina Books, Zebra Books, Pinnacle Books, Brava, Aphrodisia, and K-Teen. Their digital imprints are eKensington and the newly acquired Lyrical Press. Kensington’s imprints are known for popular women’s fiction, African-American titles, multicultural young adult fiction, nonfiction, as well as true crime, Western, and mystery titles. Kensington continues to be the foremost American publisher of romance novels. Their sizeable editorial staff will consider unagented submissions in most genres.

Currently the editors are not accepting children’s, middle grade, young adult, or poetry submissions.

Query via email only, no attachments, to a specific editor.

Click here and scroll down the page for the full list of Kensington’s editorial staff, email addresses, and the type of manuscripts each editor will consider. Pitch the specific editor that pairs best with your book’s genre. Address the submission to that editor’s attention. If an editor passes, it’s a pass for Kensington; do not re-query or re-submit to another editor.

Kensington Publishing Submission Guidelines

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