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Posted on July 27, 2017



Two publishers are seeking science-based manuscripts for kids. As always spend time looking at the books they publish to determine whether your manuscript is suitable for submission.


Arbordale Publishing

The mission of Arbordale Publishing is to get children excited about science and math through fun-to-read picture book stories. They want fiction manuscripts with non-fiction facts woven into the story. They will also consider some non-fiction stories. Stories should contain a “cuddle factor” that will make parents and children want to read it together.

Each book includes a tw0 to six-page  “For Creative Minds” non-fiction section to reinforce the educational component of the book. This section has activities, crafts, or fun facts to be shared by parents, teachers, or other adults. Authors will be asked to provide separate facts that will be incorporated into this section.

Arbordale wants manuscripts about:

  • physical science
  • engineering
  • earth science
  • science or math manuscripts with a cultural/social studies connection
  • manuscripts for Pre-K3 to kindergarten-age children

Manuscripts must be less than 1000 words and must meet ALL of these four criteria:

  1. Fun to read — mostly fiction with non-fiction facts woven into the story. They do not want pure “text-book” non-fiction.
  2. National or regional in scope
  3. Must relate to science and math subjects taught at the elementary school level. Any manuscripts with a social studies connection (culture, history, geography) must also contain a math or science component.
  4. Must be marketable through a niche market such as zoo, aquarium, or museum gift shop

They accept manuscripts written in Spanish by bilingual authors (English and Spanish). Send both versions of manuscript, and all accompanying materials in English only.

All manuscripts should be submitted via email with text embedded or attached as a Microsoft Word document. No simultaneous submissions.

Arbordale Publishing will consider submissions from illustrators that include a website link and one or two attached illustrations that reflect their realistic style with bright colors. No cartoons, please.

For more information read and follow Arbordale Publishing Submission Guidelines


Blue Bike Books

Are you a natural collector? Do you like to do research and dig up trivia? Do you think you’re funny? Can you write in a casual, easily accessible manner that still constitutes good use of the English language? Can you meet deadlines?

Blue Bike Books is looking for authors and manuscripts for books about trivia and weird science. While most of books are targeted to a general audience, their science books are intended for younger readers (ages 10–14). They also consider science books for a general audience.

Currently they want manuscripts about:

  • strange/weird science
  • strange phenomena
  • food trivia
  • holiday trivia
  • cultural trivia (births, deaths, weddings, etc.)

Submissions should be by email as MS Word files or PDFs in one of two ways:

#1 – Authors who want to audition for in-house projects should submit:

  • A complete writer’s résumé including your interests and any off-beat hobbies
  • Three writing samples, preferably humorous

#2 – Authors with single manuscript submissions, should submit:

  • A complete writer’s résumé including your interests and any off-beat hobbies
  • An overview of your manuscript
  • An annotated outline
  • Two to three sample chapters, not exceeding 50 pages double-spaced

For more information read and follow Blue Bike Books Submission Guidelines

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