Review: The Tyler Files #1 Smarty Pants

Posted on August 21, 2017


The Tyler Files:  #1 Smarty Pants
Written by Brian Rock
Illustrated by Joshua Dawson
First Light Publishing
September 2017
108 pages

In this first book in the Tyler Files trilogy, 10-year old Tyler is having a perfectly normal day at school when, in the middle of Science class, his pants start talking. From telling corny jokes to solving math problems, the pants appear to be pretty smart though Tyler soon learns that his pants have major attitude. Because they are pants, they also have two legs and Tyler’s legs are stuck inside them. So when the pants take off in search of mischief, Tyler is in for an extremely unusual rest of the day. Who knew a pair of pants could cause so much trouble? Dawson’s cartoon illustrations accentuate the silly situation. Rock’s end notes include discussion questions, plus jokes, fun facts and idioms all about pants. The Tyler Files:  #1 Smarty Pants is a playful chapter book that is sure to grab reluctant readers by the seat of their pants. ~ Copyright (c) 2017 by Peggy Tibbetts



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