Earn extra cash with greeting cards

Posted on May 8, 2018


Do you still send greeting cards?

Even if you don’t, millions of people buy paper cards and e-cards annually resulting in billions in sales.

The greeting card industry is huge and companies are always on the lookout for good ideas and one-liners. Payment ranges between $75 and $300 for a few clever or heartwarming lines.

Don’t waste those one-liners on Twitter, earn extra income instead.

First of all, do your homework. Some card publishers post submission guidelines at their website. Others will email their guidelines at your request. These guidelines are usually more specific.

If the submission guidelines don’t specify a format, use this general outline:

OCCASION: Birthday, etc.
OUTSIDE TEXT: Place outside text here
INSIDE TEXT: Place inside text here
OUTSIDE IMAGE SUGGESTION: Place any art ideas here

Here’s a list of card publishers that accept submissions from freelance writers:

Viabella Greeting Cards
Accepting all holidays and occasions including humor. Verse submissions may be sent via email either as attached document or within the body of the email.
Submission guidelines

Calypso Greeting Cards
Sophisticated, contemporary, and innovative greeting cards.
Submission guidelines

Oatmeal Studios Greeting Cards
All occasions will be considered.
Submission guidelines

Amber Lotus Publishing
Email a sample of three to five sentiments or greetings with or without image concepts.
Submission guidelines

Smart Alex
No online guidelines. Send submissions via email.

Blue Mountain Arts
No online guidelines. Send submissions via email.

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