Severed Press is open for submissions

Posted on June 14, 2018


Since 2008, Severed Press has published horror and science fiction in print and ebook. Severed Press authors include Tim Curran, Mark Tufo and Jake Bible, as well as newcomers David Achord and Joseph Talluto. In 2014, Severed Press was voted This Is Horror Publisher Of The Year.

Severed Press wants to hear from talented writers of horror and science fiction. Fiction can be serious, downbeat, comedic and satirical, or scary as hell. A good story is what matters most.

What they want:

  • Killer sea creatures or monstrous kaiju fiction: Creature features about monsters that come from the deep, or maybe even somewhere more terrifying. Minimum word count 30k.
  • Dinosaurs : Lost world adventures featuring terrifying creatures from the past. Minimum word count 30k
  • Military horror/sci-fi: Like Predator or Aliens, a military unit faces off against an unknown threat from beyond the stars or from another dimension. Minimum word count 40k
  • Apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic scenarios (including TEOTWAWKI or SHTF): Stories that explore the end of the world or life after it: zombie outbreaks, alien invasions or whatever else may serve as a harbinger of the end times! Minimum word count 60k
  • LitRPG: Stories where characters are transported or trapped within an online game, usually a MMORPG. LitRPG blends traditional science fiction and fantasy with gaming elements and mechanics. Minimum word count 30k.
  • LitFPS: Stories that blend fiction with First Person Shooters. Minimum word count 30k.

How to submit:  By email only, include synopsis and manuscript as attachment

For more information go to Severed Press Submissions

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