Review: Me’ma and the Great Mountain

Posted on April 26, 2012


Me’ma and the Great Mountain
By Lorin Morgan-Richards
A Raven Above Press
April 2012
138 pages

Me’ma and Bright Eye, her wolf companion, lived happily with her grandfather in Sunken Creek, their native village. He taught her about the meaning and value of the purple leaf tree in their lives. But the settlers had arrived and all but destroyed the purple leaf trees, except for those on the Great Mountain. Me’ma also learned she possesses the ability to communicate with animals and the spirit world, a gift from her ancestors. But she does not yet understand it. One terrifying day the evil Baron and his men arrive on horseback and destroy the village and capture the villagers. With the help of Bright Eye, Me’ma escapes with her two purple leaf dolls, Xetacu and Tchesue. Thus begins Me’ma’s amazing journey to find safety and a new life on the Great Mountain. Along the way she meets some unusual characters in the animal and spirit world and discovers the secrets of her own special gift.

Adventure flows like a river as the struggles and courage of indigenous people are revealed through the eyes of one brave girl. Me’ma and the Great Mountain has plenty of humor and peril and peculiar characters to keep young readers fascinated – maybe even awestruck.

Copyright (c) 2012 by Peggy Tibbetts

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